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If young teenies getting schooled by mature lesbians on how they are supposed to eat pussy is what turns you on, then you've come to the right place. Long videos where the girls are horny, and they jump right into the action, hardcore licking and sucking, and high production values...doesn't that sound amazing? Come see for yourself, and give Dyked.com a shot.
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We all know that we love seeing some girl on girl action. Both men and women simply adore this kind of thing. Many women who consider themselves to be straight can’t help themselves but get wet when they see two girls making out with each other and groping each other’s titties. There’s something just so magical about lesbian pornography, and we can’t explain it. We don’t need to, however, the only thing that we have to do is to enjoy it, as it would be a shame if we passed up on one of the best porn genres out there.

The Dyked.com website will offer you 54 videos of this kind (as you might have assumed from the name of the page), but you will also see guys in some of these videos because Dyked.com isn’t all about Lesbians. Some of these girls are bi, and apparently, the rumors are true: Bi girls love having threesomes! You’ll find that even though these videos all have short stories and stuff like that, they don’t take up a huge portion of the video as the actresses are just so into each other they can’t wait to start eating each other’s tight pussies out. Doesn’t the idea of women being into each other so much that they literally can’t get their hands off each other’s privates turn you on? If it doesn’t, then you should know that there’s something wrong with you, as it clearly should.

While 54 videos that last at least 20 minutes each sounds like a lot, you’ll find that most of these videos are pretty vanilla by lesbian standards. There is a video out there where a girl gets tied up by her freaky lesbo friend and then gets properly dominated, but that’s quite literally the only oddball on this page, as most of these other videos are as basic as it gets for the most part. However, this is fine, since not all of us need to have some freaky shit playing in front of us in order to get off!

The website is quite affordable, especially if you take into consideration that it only gets updates once or twice a month, which isn’t so bad. Your lesbian porn collection will grow slowly but surely. The design of the page is pretty nice as well, and you also get some bonuses when you get your pass for this page, which is great. All in all, Dyked.com seems to be a pretty decent page when it comes to its content.


While this page only has 54, it really seems that there is no need for a categorization system or anything of the sort. However, Dyked.com still comes through with a search bar and tags, which is pretty neat. You are also given the option to rate certain videos, and you may also drop comments underneath them as well. The homepage has a nice, tidy design which makes navigation simple. The videos can also be sorted out in a few ways. For example, you may choose to see the newest videos before anything else. You get to see the exact date when a certain video was uploaded, and you also get to see the names of the actresses!


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Sure, there are other bigger lesbian websites out there, but Dyked makes up for the lack of content with high production value and simply stunning models who fuck like no others!